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Teyssa Seed Research was founded in 2000 as an initiative of Eduardo Teyssandier, who having acquired international experience (in over 30 countries) while being responsible for the department of Plant Pathology and Biotechnology at Cargill Seeds, decided to capitalize on his knowledge and start a company with a clear objective:

To contribute to the profitability of the seed industry with practical research in the areas of Breeding, Quality Control and Plant Pathology.



Conversion of corn and soybean lines developing traits that confer resistance to herbicides and insects.

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Plant Pathology:

We design protocols for diagnosing diseases that limit the production of lines and hybrids of Corn, Wheat, Sunflower and Soybean.

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Quality Control:

We utilize validated protocols to ensure the required degree of purity of traits or resistance to herbicide and insects, both in terms of parental lines and commercial maize hybrids.

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Laboratory Supplies

We can supply you with diagnostic kits for plant pathogen and GMO detection through our main supplier, Agdia Inc., who we represent in Argentina and the Southern Cone.

We are constantly expanding our offer and have recently incorporated new suppliers for several products:

Germination Paper – Anchor Paper Co.

Rearing Trays – Frontier Scientific Services

DNA purification kits – Norgen Biotek

PCR & ELISA kits –

*Other companies we source from: Biosearch Technologies (LGC), R-Biopharm, Creative Diagnostics, DSMZ, Romer Lab.

*We can assist you in contacting local distributors or sales representatives of these companies.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about any supplies you may need. We will reach out to new suppliers as needed to support your research efforts.

Agdia Inc. Anchor Paper Co. Agritest
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